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Faculty of Medicine
Slovak Medical University in Bratislava
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ANNOUNCEMENT for the 1st year students

Matriculation of the 1st year students of the Faculty of Medicine of SMU on the study programme General Medicine took place on the 20th November 2017 in the assembly hall of Dionýz Dieška.


“Translational Medicine Taking Discoveries to Patients Benefits


The University of Pécs Centre for Translational Medicine (UP CTM) wish to build up a strong relationship between Central and Eastern European Universities & Hospitals.


General Information

The Faculty of Medicine (FoM) was founded together with the Faculty of Nursing and Professional Health Studies and the Faculty of Public Health under the Slovak Medical University. The Slovak Medical University (SMU) was founded under Act No. 401/2002 Coll. and the amendment to Act No. 131/2002 Coll. on higher education effective from September 1st, 2002. The Faculty of Medicine is the direct successor to the Slovak Postgraduate Academy, which has been active under various names since 1953 and strove to offer postgraduate education to physicians, pharmacists, and other health care workers with higher education. It has developed and provided a model of continuous medical education through repeated and cyclical training seminars for the abovementioned categories of health workers.

FoM Mission Statement

  1. To provide postgraduate education to physicians, pharmacists, and other health workers with higher education in accordance with UEMS recommendations and relevant EU directives.
  2. To participate in continuous medical education.

FoM Basic Activities

  1. Education and academic activities
  2. Science and research activities
  3. Expertise
  4. Consulting and assistance

The aim of the FoM is to:

  • prepare specialists for practice as physicians, dental doctors, pharmacists, and other health workers with higher education,
  • introduce new diagnostic and treatment methods through education to increase the quality of health care,
  • to educate a new generation of pedagogues of the Faculty of Specialized Healthcare Studies
  • raise young scientific professionals.

FoM Short-term Goals:

  • to create ideal academic conditions (material, technical, and staff-related),
  • to integrate FoM scientific and research activities with those of the University as a whole,
  • to continue with the approximation of postgraduate study in cooperation with the UEMS,
  • to foster international cooperation,
  • to publish academic textbooks.

Other FoM activities:

  • to cooperate with renowned national and international institutions,
  • to exchange experiences and knowledge in teaching,
  • to implement skills from practice in the curriculum,
  • to include professionals with practice in the academic process,
  • to bring in international professionals with practice to the academic process.
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