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Department of Physiotherapy



Head of the Department: PhDr. Daniel Gurín

tel.: +421 48 32 48 037


hours office: wednesday 9:00-11:00


Professor: prof. MUDr. Svetozár Dluholucký, CSc.

tel.: +421 48 32 48 022



prof. MUDr. Peter Kothaj, CSc.

tel.: +421 48 44 12 156



Lecturer: PhDr. Anna Butorová, PhD.

tel.: +421 48 32 48 028


hours office: monday 10:00-12:00



Assistant Lecturer: PhDr. Mgr. Šárka Tomková

tel.: +421 48 32 48 053


hours office: thursday 13:30-15:30


Mgr. Zuzana Frčová

tel.: +421 48 32 48 027



Supervisor of the Program: prof. MUDr. Ján Zvonár, CSc.


MUDr. Jozef Hudec, PhD.
brig. gen. MUDr. Pavol Maslík, PhD.






Main objective of the department is to provide education and  ongoing professional training for students of physiotherapy. The graduates will be prepared to work independently taking professional and personal responsibility in the field of physiotherapy which includes kinesiotherapy, physical therapy and balneotherapy. Use of graduates in practice: health care and spa facilities, specialized and rehabilitation institutions, schools, fitness centres and sports clubs.
The department conducts research and methodology training in relation to physiotherapy (rehabilitation workers, rehabilitation assistants).

Study programmes
The Department of Physiotherapy provides education in accredited study programmes:
Bachelor´s degree (Bc.):    full-time form in physiotherapy
Bachelor´s  degree (Bc.):    distance learning in physiotherapy
Master's degree ( Mgr.): distance learning in physiotherapy
Rigorous examination including rigorous theses: degree ( PhDr.) in physiotherapy

The department prepares specialised study in:

a/ ergonomics and rehabilitation engineering
b/ physiotherapy in sports and physical education
c/ ergo therapy

Basic structure of the study programme in bachelor degree includes theoretical subjects focused on anatomy and physiology of individual human body  systems, specifically musculo- skeletal system, kinesiology, basics of pathophysiological manifestations of disease processes and acquiring practical skills. The study programme of master´s degree is focused on specialized methods and techniques as well as alternative therapeutic approaches. This programme also includes management, propaedeutic of research work and subjects of humanities: sociology, pedagogy etc.

Clinical Practice
F.D. Roosevelt Faculty Hospital with Policlinic, Banska Bystrica
Children´s Faculty Hospital with Policlinic, Banska Bystrica
Policlinic Novamed Ltd., Banská Bystrica
Policlinic, Banská Bystrica
The Central Slovak Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Banska Bystrica
Basic schools- education of children
National Rehabilitation Centre, Kovacova
Specialized Sanatorium Marina, Kovacova


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