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Department of Urgent Medical Care


Head of the Department: PhDr. Jarmila Bramušková, PhD.

tel.: +421 48 32 48 031


hours office: monday 12:00-14:00


Lecturer: PhDr. Dana Sihelská, PhD.

tel.: +421 48 32 48 017


hours office: thursday 10:00-12:00


Assistant Lecturer: Mgr. František Genšor

tel.: +421 48 32 48 038


PhDr. Eva Balogová

tel.: +421 48 32 48 025



Supervisor of the Program: prof. MUDr. Karol Králinský, PhD. 

Assoc.Prof. MUDr. Igor Martuliak, PhD.

Assoc.Prof. MUDr. Ľubomír Marko, PhD.
MUDr. Oliver Petrík






The Department focuses mainly on education and professional preparation of students for the job of a paramedic. Graduate paramedics are able to perform professional paramedic tasks in particular areas of the Integrated Medical Rescue System, as crew members of ambulance teams and employees of intensive care units and A&Es.
The Department conducts research and other professional activities.


The Department provides education in the following accredited study programmes:
a/ full-time bachelor in paramedic science
b/ part-time bachelor in paramedic science

Further education in nursing specialties:
a/ anaesthesia and intensive care

Main courses are: Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medical Service, Disaster Medicine and Mass-Casualty Incidents, Clinical Practice and Outdoor Practice (Mountain Rescue, Water Rescue, Mining Rescue, Fire and Rescue Service, Field Rescue, Disaster Medicine)

Clinical Practice

  •     F. D. Roosevelt Faculty Hospital with Policlinic, Banská Bystrica
  •     Children´s Faculty Hospital with Policlinic, Banská Bystrica
  •     The Central Slovak Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, B. Bystrica
  •     National Emergency Centre of the Slovak Republic
  •     Emergency Medical Service Providers
  •     Mountain Rescue Service of the Slovak Republic
  •     Mine Rescue Service of the Slovak Republic
  •     Fire Rescue Service of the Slovak Republic
  •     Police Force of the Slovak Republic
  •     Special Health and Training Dpt. of the Ministri of Defence of SR


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