SMU guideline on enrollment in the academic year 2020/2021

SMU recommends students not to participate in mass events and not to travel abroad min. 14 days before the in - person enrollment and before the beginning of the academic year (16.9.2020). In the case of foreign students as well as when returning from abroad, the student is obliged to follow the instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic
(instructions for Slovak citizens, instructions for foreign students ).

Details of enrollment at individual faculties will be provided on the website of the relevant faculty.

Instructions for students on the in – person enrollment for their studies

  1. Keep a distance of 2 m between persons throughout the registration period.
  2. The obligation to cover the upper airways with a mask and disinfect the hands before entering the room.
  3. Limit social contact, including handshake.
  4. Use your own stationery.
  5. Avoid touching the face and the mask with your hands.
  6. Forbiddance of consumption of food and beverages in the enrollment room.
  7. Students who were not allowed to enter the building of SMU due to non-compliance with anti-epidemic measures (increased body temperature, symptoms of the disease, uncovered airways with a mask) immediately contact the relevant study officer by e-mail.

All students are required to follow the SMU website, the website of their faculty and current information in the MAIS system.