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Why study in Banská Bystrica?


At least two basic factors should always be considered in making such decision:

At the first place are certainly the answers to the questions - Who I want to be in life, what I want to achieve?


Linked to this is the type of college and degree program, you want to pass. You consider the quality of the school, its level, the possibility of theoretical and practical training. The crucial question is also the application in life after successful graduation.


Another question immediately following the first decision is: Where I want to study? University study takes more years - the most beautiful years of students life and you should really carefully choose, where you want to spend them. Because the memories and experiences of this period will remain permanently in your memory and they leave a sense of belonging to the alma mater, colleagues and city within you.


Why the Faculty of Health of the Slovak Medical University ?
Faculty of Health of the Slovak Medical University in Bratislava was founded in 2005 in Banská Bystrica, because the conditions for fulfilling the above requirements may be in this city and region rated as above standard, attractive.


Faculty of Health offers studies in four accredited study programs in full-time and part-time study: Physiotherapy; Laboratory diagnostic methods in health services; Nursing and Emergency health care; which prepares the students for non-medical health professions.


The professional erudition of the teachers, the faculty spaces - renovated and equipped with audiovisual equipment together with the lecture classrooms for practical training guarantee quality theoretical and practical training of the students. They can extend their knowledge and diapason through the library services provided by the University Library SMU and the electronic study hall. For the development of physical abilities and for sport is the gymnasium available.


Part of the faculty is also the new modern multifunctional building with sufficient accommodation capacity and spaces suitable for representational purposes.


The main attributes of a well-prepared health professional include not only the necessary wealth of theoretical knowledge but also matching practical skills. In this context is designed and implemented the practical training of the students in accredited educational bases providing healthcare of supra-regional character. These include in particular the University Hospital of F. D. Roosevelt, Children's Faculty Hospital, Central Slovakia Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, National Rehabilitation Center and Specialized Medical Institution Marína in Kováčová. These highly specialized medical facilities enable the students to participate on the diagnostic and therapeutic process and provide nursing, rehabilitative and preventive care for patients. The possibility of realizing practical training in the spa facility Brusno, the cooperation with the medical facility Novamed, the components of the Integrated Rescue System, the National Transfusion Service of Slovak Republic and others also non-health facilities in the town of Banská Bystrica, will ensure the comprehensive and high-standard training of the students.


From the foregoing results that the theoretical and practical training of the students forms an adept and morally advanced medical worker, whose ambition is the successful establishment among health professionals in practice and on the labor market, including international standards.


Equally attractive as the study conditions is the place of the study. Banská Bystrica is located not just in the heart of Slovakia, but also in the heart of Europe. It is not an exaggeration - just a few miles away are located Krahule (the Center of Europe), and the mount Hrb (the Center of Slovakia). Banská Bystrica is nestled in the bend of the river Hron, around the hill Urpín, in a picturesque valley bordered by the mountains of central Slovakia. Location of the town is truly unique. In each direction out of the town welcomes you another environment. In the southeast you can find undulating hills of Podpoľanie with melancholy villages Mičiná, Poniky, Hrochoť. To the south opens a lowland impression of Hron valley with its "lower end" at the spa Sliač , Kováčová , Sielnica and Zvolen. Turn to the west and Kremnické mountains will welcome you with ski resorts Králiky, Kordíky and Skalka – offering a variation of ski, hiking and biking trails. Just a few degrees to the north the road will take you to the transition Šturec with a turning to Kráľova Studňa and Harmanecká cave. A fork junction leads you to a ski and tourist center Donovaly - the way there takes you to the village Staré Hory with the hill Krížna above it and on its foothill lies the famous village Turecká. Donovaly with the impressive massif Prašivá is the gate to the Low Tatras. The ridge of the mountains - towards the north of Banská Bystrica - forms the skyline of this city that is the gateway to the world of tourism, sport and recreation.


Banská Bystrica itself – a 80 thousands town - is the administrative, cultural, sporting and social center of the region, which has on its territory all the beauty and attractions, except the sea. History buffs will find nooks in the central zone of the old town. They may visit the historic towns and villages with mining traditions in the surrounding (Špania Dolina, Banská Štiavnica, Kremnica, Ľubietová), roam the dumps – remains of the medieval precious metals mining. Galleries, museums, theaters, opera, dance and jazz clubs create opportunities for social life. Having coffee in one of plenty terrace cafes in the old town completes the atmosphere of tranquility.


Sport loving students have lots of indoor and outdoor possibilities - an ice-rink, indoor swimming pool, outdoor summer beach pool, tennis courts and halls, et cetera. There are matches of the National Football League and National Hockey League played here, also various athletic and martial art championships take place here.


The modern center is located under the high-rise building of the Europe Business Center. It offers a wide range of shops and boutiques, a complex of restaurants, cafes and cinemas.


We mentioned only some of the attractions that offers you the study and stay in Banská Bystrica – lots of them you will discover by yourself. And you will agree with this for centuries known saying: "Alive in Bystrica, after death in heaven."

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