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Faculty of Public Health
Slovak Medical University in Bratislava
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Slovak republic

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Study Programmes

The Faculty offers the following tiers and forms of higher education in accredited study programmes:

  • Public Health
    • bachelor’s degree (undergraduate) – 6 semesters, 3 academic years
      • full-time study
      • part-time study
    • master’s degree (graduate) – 4 semesters, 2 academic years
      • full-time study
      • part-time study
    • doctorate (postgraduate)
      • full-time study – 3 to 4 years
      • part-time study – no more than 5 years.

Study Format

Study is divided into semesters and years. The content, scope, and organization of undergraduate study in the programme of Public Health are harmonized with directives of the European Union to impart graduates with the necessary skills and qualification to practice as health care workers.

Prospects of Employment for Graduates

  • Public health authorities (PHA, RPHA)
  • Hospitals and health care facilities: health protection for patients and hospital staff (hospital hygiene manager), middle health management
  • Research institutions specializing in chronic, mass diseases, infectious diseases, environmental health, occupational hazards and health.
  • Health consulting agencies, healthy lifestyle promotion, help centres, work inspectorates, occupational health services
  • Public service (sections of health and environment)
  • Local government: health protection and promotion, environmental health impact, higher education
  • Health and social insurance companies
  • Commercial insurance companies dealing with life insurance,
  • Non-state health promotion organizations
  • Social service institutes,
  • Pharmaceutical companies.
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