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Faculty of Medicine
Slovak Medical University in Bratislava
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833 03 Bratislava
Slovak republic

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Science and Research Activities of the SMU Faculty of Medicine


doc. MUDr. Petr KOLÁŘ, PhD.
Vice-Dean for Scientific-Research Activities and International Relations


tel.: +421 2  6867 2039

The Vice-Dean of the SMU FoM is responsible for the following:

  1. The management of projects, grants, and other forms of research in Slovakia, as well as various forms of international research activities (cooperation, participation, direction).
  2. Keeping records of annual reports, managing protocols from inspection days, and keeping records of preliminary and final reports of projects and grant opponents.
  3. Organizing research activities, or parts thereof, that take place in FoM SMU facilities under the abovementioned research plans, and are carried out by internal or external staff members of the FoM SMU.
  4. If sufficient financial resources are made available, the restoration of institutional research.


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