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Rectorate of

Slovak Medical University

in Bratislava
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Slovak republic

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Representatives of the Slovak Medical University in Bratislava




Prof. Peter Šimko, MD, PhD.

Rector of the University





Assoc.Prof. Martin Gajdoš, MD, PhD.

Vice-Rector for Science and Research


Assoc.Prof. RNDr. Viktor Majtán, PhD., special professor

Vice-Rector for Pre-graduate Study


Prof. Peter Bujdák, MD, PhD.

Vice-Rector for Bestowment of Academic and Scientific Titles and Honors


Assoc. Prof. PhDr. Beáta Frčová, PhD., MPH

Vice-Rector for Cooperation with Acredited Health Facilities and Development

Honorary Rector:

  Prof. Ján Štencl, MD, PhD.




Ing. Igor Naňo


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