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  Faculty of Nursing and Professional Health Studies
Slovak Medical University in Bratislava
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Faculty Mission and Activities

The Faculty of Nursing and Professional Health Studies began lectures in the academic year of 2003/2004, and is incessantly working to aid the mission of the University and to fulfill its goals. The Faculty organizes educational, scientific, and other specialized activities in Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Radiological Science, Urgent Medical Care, Social Work with emphasis on social health care for senior citizens, as well as in the field of specialized health studies. These activities work in cooperation with contracted health care facilities.

The Faculty offers:

  • undergraduate study in accredited study programmes – bachelor’s degree
    • Nursing
    • Midwifery
    • Physiotherapy
    • Radiological Science
    • Urgent Medical Care
    • Social Work with emphasis on social health care for senior citizens
  • graduate study in the accredited study programme – master’s degree
    • Nursing
  • postgraduate study in the accredited study programme – PhD.
    • Nursing
  • further education for health care workers in the health system
  • continuous education in health care

The Faculty takes part in study programmes of higher education and postgraduate education of other Faculties of the University, and participates in University programmes.

The Faculty also:

  • provides methodical activities in the field of health occupations, in accordance with its scope, publication, scientific, research, and educational activities for professionals and lay public alike, as well as publicity of work results and editorship of medical literature,
  • offers expertise and consulting services, in accordance with its scope,
  • oversees the practical training of students in secondary health schools in Slovakia
  • assists the Ministry in the preparation of strategies, prognoses, and legislature,
  • cooperates with other public bodies, health protection groups, local government, health care facilities, social service facilities, and with the third sector.
  • works together with universities, facilities of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, research institutions, international universities, health care facilities, and public health authorities.

The Faculty cooperates with international partners in the areas of education in Nursing and other accredited study programmes. The aim of our international cooperation is to use human resources more effectively. Our membership and activities in several international organizations are a vital part of our international cooperation.

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