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History of the Slovak Medical University

The Slovak Medical University has a 55-year tradition in provision of professional medically specialized postgraduate education. Until 2002, the education of specialists in general medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy and other medical specializations could only be obtained from a public non-university type of educational institution – the Slovak Postgraduate Academy of Medicine (SPAM) in Bratislava.

Following the accession of the Slovak Republic in the European Union, it was necessary to harmonize the legislation of the Slovak Republic with EU legislation in the area of medical education. EU Directive 93/16/EEC on mutual recognition of specialization study diplomas in medicine and other regulated health professions states in its Article 24 that such study can be only provided by a university-type educational institution, including a university hospital. As a result, the National Council of the Slovak Republic founded the Slovak Medical University in Bratislava, by transforming SPAM by Act No. 401/2002. At the same time, by amendment of the Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 131/2002, the Slovak Medical University became an integral part of the framework of Slovak higher education institutions. By decree of the Minister of Health, the Institute of Preventive and Clinical Medicine was dissolved on August 28th, 2003, and integrated into the structure of the SMU, to become a crucial scientific research centre for the University.

The Slovak Medical University consists of four Faculties:

  • the Faculty of Medicine (hereafter referred to as the “FoM”), provides medical higher education – in the study programme of General Medicine. It is the direct successor of postgraduate specialized and continuous education in medicine and pharmacy offered by the institution under varying names since 1953.
  • the Faculty of Nursing and Professional Health Studies (hereafter referred to as the “FNPHS”) provides accredited higher education in undergraduate (Bc.) graduate (Mgr.) and postgraduate (PhD.) programmes of Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Radiological Science and Urgent Health Care, Physiological and Clinical Nutrition, Social Work with focus on social and health-oriented care for senior citizens, as well as postgraduate specialized and continuous education for other health professionals, provided by the Institute for Further Education of Secondary-Educated Healthcare Workers since 1960, prior to the establishment of the Slovak Medical University.
  • the Faculty of Public Health (hereafter referred to as “FPH”) is the direct successor of the School of Public Health, founded under the auspices of the WHO in 1991 as an integral part of SPAM, now providing undergraduate (Bc). graduate (Mgr.) and post-graduate (PhD.) studies in the accredited study programme of Public Health, as well as further education in this field.
  • the Faculty of Health in Banská Bystrica (hereafter referred to as the “FH in BB”) provides higher education in the study programmes of Nursing, Physiotherapy and Urgent Medical Care as well as specialized study activities for other healthcare workers.
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