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Mission Statement

The mission of the University is to ensure high quality education and scientific knowledge in health development, promotion and protection, as well as in prevention, diagnostic methods, treatment and nursing in order to protect and promote health as one of the ultimate human values.

The University intends to fulfill its mission by developing higher education in study programmes of all three tiers, specialization studies, and continuous education in all medical, pharmaceutical, dental and paramedical (health) studies, as well as conducting research in both medical and pharmaceutical sciences. Implementing up-to-date knowledge in medical sciences is an indivisible part of the University mission.

The University offers education to students preparing for different occupations as healthcare professionals in accredited study programmes of pre-graduate (Bc., Mgr. and MUDr.) and postgraduate (PhD., specialized and certification study) through a creative research approach in health care science with the aim of improving health and quality of life.

The University offers the advantage of specialized training facilities, university clinics, university pharmacies, specific facilities, teaching sites, public health authorities, and other ambulatory, institutional and pharmaceutical healthcare facilities accredited by the university, to provide research, scientific and educational opportunities in order to fulfill the mission of the University.


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