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General information

The Slovak Medical University in Bratislava (SMU) is an educational institution proudly keeping the tradition of education of healthcare workers in specialized studies and continuous life-long education in Slovakia.

The Slovak Institute for Postgraduate Education of Physicians, established on May 1st, 1953 in Trenčín, laid the foundations of education of healthcare professionals in Slovakia. From July 7th, 1966, the Institute moved into new premises in Bratislava, under a new name – The Institute of Further Education of Physicians and Pharmacists, which remained until 1991. On July 1st, 1991, the name was changed to the Institute for Further Education of Professionals in Healthcare, and later, resulting from requirements in practice, the last change on November 1st, 1998 transformed it into the Slovak Postgraduate Academy of Medicine in Bratislava.

On September 1st, 2002, the Slovak Medical University was founded in Bratislava by Act No. 401/2002 Coll. of the National Council of the Slovak Republic on the establishment of the Slovak Medical University, as a state university of higher education.

The Slovak Medical University in Bratislava is the only university in Slovakia that provides monothematic education for healthcare professions in all three degrees of higher education, and at the same time, the only institution that has guaranteed complex education of healthcare workers in Slovakia under various names since 1953.

The Slovak Medical University is a public institution of higher education acting under the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic, with the following four faculties

    • Faculty of Medicine
    • Faculty of Public Health
    • Faculty of Nursing and Professional Health Studies
    • Faculty of Health

Other branches are:

  • Research Base of the Slovak Medical University
  • University Institutes of the Slovak Medical University

The Slovak Medical University is a non-political institution, acting within the Magna Charta Universitatum global university charter, recognizing the values democracy, humanism, and tolerance. It leads students towards adherence to the Hippocratic Oath, protection of life and health from conception until dignified natural death.

Thu full name of the university is:


"Slovak Medical University in Bratislava".


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